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About us

Many Happy Returns Jersey was founded by Tasha Cormack and her son Noah Cormack in August 2020.

Many Happy Returns Jersey maintains a lending library of reusable party supplies to minimize waste and benefit the local community. They accept donations of preloved supplies and offer them out on loan so new items do not need to be purchased for a one-time event. In addition to reducing the environmental impact of parties, it also reduces the cost of celebrations for those on a low-income.


Many Happy Returns offers dishes, cake tins, serve-ware, displays, games, banners, back drops, and other party decorations. Borrowers are encouraged to make a small donation. So far, proceeds have been used to support local charities and the British Red Cross for Ukraine.


Many Happy Returns Jersey is a member of the Party Kit Network and NABAS The Balloon and Party Kit Network.


Many Happy Returns Jersey became a registered charity on 31/01/23. Registered Charity Number 458.

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